HRAG Member Liz Estes Runs Painting for Pinkies Project 


While recuperating from a double mastectomy that took place on December 18, 2014, Liz Estes started a project that honors those that have undergone breast cancer treatment.

“Cancer taught me one thing – DO IT NOW!” said Liz Estes“While the horror of cancer invaded my every thought, I reached out to a closed FaceBook support group with about 12,000 members. It was fantastic! I learned  more on that group about my disease than from my doctors. Things like possible side effects and how to mitigate them, and new advances in therapies. And as you know, men get Breast Cancer too.

I started posting pictures of my flower paintings in the group. Soon I was getting requests for them. I began calling my project "Painting for Pinkies" as that is what breast cancer survivors call themselves. I started an FaceBook album in my photos just for pictures of my paintings. There are over 60 there now. Each painting is done specifically for a Pinkie with their choice of colors, patterns, additions.”

One of the many paintings Liz Estes creates.
One of the many paintings Liz Estes creates.

Although Liz Estes started out making her paintings for free, as the demand increased for her paintings the costs of postage, boards, and supplies soon became a burden. She then began asking for money to cover basic expenses of about $10 for each painting and still donates her creativity and time. At least 20% of the recipients of the paintings cannot afford to reimburse Liz Estes for her expenses. Cancer is an expensive disease that leaves many with enormous bills. Liz Estes does not ask for money upfront. There are some people that she calls “Pinkie Angels” who have generously donated much more towards the project, but in the end the project is not even slightly profitable, it is a labor of love.


It is so wonderful to see Liz share her talents with the world,” said Chi Kulig, founder of the Harrison Ranch Arts Guild. “She has been through so much as a breast cancer survivor and is now honoring other survivors with her creations. Art can enrich our lives. It can bring us together, bring us joy, and calm us. Each painting that Liz does is a gift to the recipients.  I hope we can find a way to support her efforts. We are proud to have her as a member.”

For more information on this project visit Painting for Pinkies on Facebook. If you are interested in a painting for yourself or a loved one, please friend Liz Estes (Betsy Estes) on Facebook.