Fall 2017 Photo Board Available for Use!


It's time to take some fun photos in our Fall Themed Photo Head Cut Out Board!


Finished board!
Finished board!

This fall scene will be available for taking pictures in at the Fall Festival that Harrison Ranch will hold on Sunday, October 22nd.


Thank you to everyone that helped take part in this community art project and painting this board!!!!


Thank you to: Erica & Riley Eads, Kaitlyn & Jay Valencia, Eligh, Justin Torres, Landon Pryor, Bryson Pryor, Jusline Torries, Abby & Emma, Hannah, Hallie, Hayden, Kaylee, Jaxon Baker, Christopher, Natalia & Silas,  Layla & Katie & Hannah, Kaia Kulig, Bella & Yuliza, Tim, Cindy Flagg, Sally Wooldridge, Nancy White, Chi, Don Wooldridge, Sue Walterick and Liz Estes - for painting this fall festival scene! 



​This was a project hosted by the Harrison Ranch Arts Guild, a group of creative people that enjoy getting together and hosting events that help to enrich the community through the use of the arts. 


​Thank you also to the LifeStyles Team for their support of this project.