Harrison Ranch Arts Guild Member Tim Kulig's Songs Now Available Online

Congratulation's to Harrison Ranch Arts Guild member, Tim Kulig. His music is now available for streaming and purchasing online. Now you can listen to his original songs in the comfort of your own home, car, workplace, or even streaming while running and exercising.



Tim Kulig has been writing and playing music since he was ten years old. He plays the keyboard, guitar, djembe, didgeridoo, and currently learning to play the violin and cello. His music has been featured in films, including a documentary that is currently streaming on Amazon Prime that is titled "VHS Massacre: Cult Films and the Decline of Physical Media." His music has been incorporated into marketing commercials and trailers. He has composed and sound designed films in the past.



Tim Kulig composes in a wide range of styles, including classical, pop, jazz, electronic, rock and sound tracks. His current album that is available online is titled "Pieces of Time" and listeners can expect to hear instrumental piano music that is enlightening and at times relaxing.



"This is the first of many online and streaming albums to come," said Tim Kulig. "I'm very happy to share my music with you and hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it."



To purchase his music - go to iTunes and search for Tim Kulig. You can also stream his music on Spotify by clicking here. His album is available on Amazon Music as well. 


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