Community Art Project a Success! Photo Board Available for Use Sunday October 25th

On Friday, October 9th at an Oktoberfest event produced by Harrison Ranch, the Harrison Ranch Arts Guild hosted a community art project where residents helped to paint fall themed photo board with cut-out head holes. The board will be available for the public to take pictures in at the pumpkin patch of the Harrison Ranch Fall Festival on Sunday Oct 25th from 4-7pm. The public is invited to attend the Fall Festival at 5755 Harrison Ranch Blvd, in Parrish, Florida.


People of all ages painted the board, one side was more realistic and the other was full of fun, bright colors that the attendees chose. Click here to see photos of the board being painted!


Thank you so much to all of the Harrison Ranch residents that came out to help create this community art project!  A very special thank you to all of these people that helped to create this board: Sally and Don Wooldridge, Nancy and Steven White, Hylie Connors, Paige Auller, Nora and Maddan Hagenbuch, Elliott and Sydney Jeffers, Aeller and Amelia Zach, Lauren Costello, Brianna Ngo, Amanda and Julia Hume, Carter and Camryn Sommers, Tenley and Wrigley Sommers, Keegan Sommers, Maya White, Harper and Hailey Knamm, Daiwe Vogt, Kaylee Cooper, Lucas Silva, Layla Brunner, Vanessa and Olivia Silva, Brooke and Miguel Tovar, Paige Niver, Mary Zlosel, Ingrid Schuht, Josie Berg, Parker Krstonich, Mavis Jan-Lai, Kaia Kulig, D. Trowels, Celina Trowels, Brenda Ott, Josie Berg, Georgia Lucas, Jacob Krstonich, the Valencia family, Evan and Chloe Weinkein, Thomas Hume, and the many others that also helped.


Join us Sunday!