Sue Walterick


As a child, I remember spending hours alone in the backyard drawing or painting.  (I often found it difficult to stop and go inside when called.)  Although my career field took me into another direction, I have always appreciated art.  Over the years, I have touched on various mediums such as drawing, crafting in woodwork, working in a variety of needlework, and more recently venturing back into acrylic, watercolor and oil painting.

After retiring and moving to Harrison Ranch, I became a member of the Harrison Ranch Art Guild.  It gave me impetus to brush up on my skills once again.  Although, I am not accomplished in any one specific art form, the Guild has welcomed and encouraged the talent that lies within me.  It is fun to be part of a group of artists and crafters who care about each other and their community.







"I have enjoyed art

all my life."