Jerry Patridge

Cigar Box Guitars





"I am the boss of lucky penny guitar company because I am it's only employee. I am a disabled Vietnam veteran, and I make playable wall art, I guess I am a wood worker.  He is a founding member of the Harrison Ranch Arts Guild.



The cigar box guitar, originally called diddly bo's, has have been around since the mid 1700's.
Most incorporated broom wire or screen door wire for the string.  The music they wrote and played is still to this day called the Delta Blues.




I got started building cigar box guitars when I received one as a gift even though to this day I still don't play - I just build them."

The cigar boxes come from many sources , materials and ages. Most boxes, and best sounding, are made from Spanish red cedar. I also make them from humidors.
An artist friend, playing one of Jerri's Cigar Box Guitars.

I love working with my hands. I look constantly for different items to incorporate into the making of my cigar box guitars. 


A good example is when I use a drawer pull or a small hinge for a bridge, or a fishing lure or what ever your imagination can dream up.


Most  cigar box's are a work of art in themselves whether it be the grain of the wood or the picture and logo's.